Girls Night Out

I love going out with the girls for a fun night out. Our nights out normally start with a few cocktails, then a nice meal somewhere and maybe a few after dinner drinks depending on the weather and how we are all feeling. These girls’ nights out are treasured by me as it is great to totally relax and let your hair down in a really comfortable environment.

It is also an occasion to spend some time on our appearance; have the relaxing shower, do the makeup and put on a dress before you leave the chaos of family life behind. I look forward to signing off from my maternal duties at 4pm to get myself ready so I can be in the city for our 6pm rendezvous time.

At our recent gathering, one of the group had just got engaged. There was a lot of talk about planning a wedding, dresses, rings, children, family, venues, food, themes – actually it was a wedding planner worst nightmare as we all had an opinion which was all different. Thankfully we, as a group, weren’t getting married!

I took a bit of time to think about this particular group of women and their rings or lack of. The majority of us are married and the majority were diamond wedding rings. One of the group has always had an engagement ring I’ve admired and it is a princess cut diamond engagement ring – it is very striking and suits her perfectly. Another of the group has a designer engagement ring that is made up of many small cut diamond set in the shape of rose. It is very unusual but I couldn’t imagine my friend having a traditionally set ring.

diamonds27Gemstone jewellery is also present in the group. Although it may seem old fashioned, the colours that amazing personalised custom jewellery in Sydney offer is huge. The popular choices are ruby, emerald and sapphire but there are many others to choose from and our gaggle of girls has an emerald. It is simply set and looks stunning. They do say that good jewellery needs no frills.

Diamond jewellers look to see what is in vogue and tailor their choices accordingly. Diamonds which are coloured loose are becoming more popular but personally, I’d prefer a gemstone rather than a coloured diamond but then again, I’m one of the group that has a gemstone, a sapphire to be precise and it is the most fantastic ring.

There are a few fingers bear of rings and gemstones – some by choice, others not. The idea of having to have a gemstone is one powered by movies, fairy tales, our mothers and our own imagination but often, a simple gold band or bands is a lovely way to show your commitment to another. Whether a ring was present or not, with or without a gemstone, it just shows that no one woman in the same and you can tell that by the ring they wear or not!