Equipment Needed To Make Custom T-shirts

Custom t-shirts industry is a vast and there are many businesses that cater to different types of personalised garment requirements. To commence this particular trade there is a set of equipment that i needed in order to make your company successful. There are many types of equipment nowadays that is available to get started with however, this guide will provide you with the basic essentials. 


This gear is the most crucial. You can do a lot with one printer but the most successful businesses have a few different printers. Organisations use a range of inkjet, sublimation, laser and solvent printers. The best type of printer out of the four mentioned is solvent which will provide the highest quality same day customised t shirts.

However, solvents printers are the most expensive ones, which might be over the top for a starting trade.


Getting yourself a good computer is important because you need to use proper graphics software and cutters. There is software available to maintain your service from the point where you get an order until you deliver it. Don’t forget to manage your inventory and create a database of all the clients you make.

Graphic software

In order to create custom drawings and images you need to have the specific graphic software. There is a few online software that allows you to personalise your products with limitations. You need to purchase the software to access all the facilities available. The best software you can use is adobe Photoshop.

Transfer paper

If you decide to use the heat-press method you need transfer paper. The main purpose of transfer paper is to transfer the image from the printer to the printing material using heat and pressure.

Heat-press machine

A heat-press machine can be used to transfer graphics on the garments. You can get yourself a 16’ x 20’ heat press machine to start off with.


When purchasing the cutter you must purchase the software that goes along with it too. You will be able to create stencils on the software that is programmed in a way so that the cutter produces the same shape or design of the stencil.


Last but not least don’t forget to practice and create samples of t-shirts. There are a few types of material that is used to fabricate them such as cotton, polyester, lycra, rayon, linen and blends. It might get a bit messy at first but you will understand which method and material can be used to create the perfect printed t shirts. There you have it; your essential to start making personalised t-shirts! Good luck with the new business.