Checklist For Your Newborn’s Arrival

The date is getting closer and closer. Your bump is now visible and every time you look at it, you feel proud and happy. It’s your first time being a mother and little did you know that having a baby means more than shopping for cute outfit’s and milk bottles. Having your first child is a big responsible and you have to be on your toes for it. The suitcase needs to be packed and kept weeks before your delivery. Avoid last minute panics and take control ahead of the date. It will be easy to get things done, if you spread it out over the next few months. So, for those new moms to be here’s a checklist of things to do before your little miracle arrives. 

Make a list

There’s always a good chance that you would have missed out on something when you start shopping for your new born. This is why it’s important that you make a list of things that an infant needs. Especially if it’s your first one, you will not have the experience and you would struggle with trying to get the right things or brands for your infant. The easiest way to do this is to make a soft copy of the items. Your brain will not be able to process everything at one go and whenever you do remember, you can add it to the list. Finally, you can print a hard copy and start shopping.

The hospital bag

Why is this important before buying a cot? Well, your little one might come unannounced or later than the date expected. So you really have no clue when it will all actually happen. It all depends on your kind of birth plan. Whether it’s going to be a normal or a C-section. The essential items for your hospital bag would have sleep suits, blankets, nappies, socks or booties, a jacket or snow suit would be required depending on the weather and other item you will need such as sleeping gowns, medical reports, etc. 

The infant kit

Everything what your little one needs will be included in this kit. From the socks to the cot, everything needs to be covered before the delivery date. Remember not to keep postponing anything after your baby is born. You will be spending more time with your infant and will have less time in your hands to attend to other things. Have a list of the things you need so that you wouldn’t miss anything at the shop. If you opt to pretty dresses online, make sure to mention the age specifically or you would end up with clothes fit for a 6 month old than a new born infant. Diapers are must have without a doubt. Creams, shampoos and other toiletries should also be included.

The nursery

6 months down the line, you would know the gender and depending on that you can start setting up the nursery. Creating a nursery for your little miracle takes a lot of time and effort. It doesn’t happen in one go. Doing a wall art or re painting can take hours to do. If it a boy, you can go with a blue and a gray themed nursery room. For a baby girl crib bedding you can have images of unicorns or flowers to compliment the settings of the cot. Motherhood is the most beautiful thing in the world. While planning for it can be exhausting and can take a lot of trips to the shops. These few pointer will help you have everything done and dusted for your little one’s arrival.

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