5 Awesome Shopping Destinations

Shopping is a way of live for some. Frequent shoppers look in to a number of things in a potential shopping destination. A good transport system, variety and reasonable prices are a few such factors. Following are a few destinations that will attract the shopaholic in you.
Italy – Be it trendy fashion clothes or glamorous shoes, Milan in Italy is usually a few steps ahead of the rest of the fashion world. This is a place that caters to both the high-end shoppers and the shoppers who like to bargain, as the trends are constantly changing, the lower end shoppers can buy the outdated-in-Milan-but-still-in-fashion-elsewhere items at a reasonable price. Renowned brands such as Versace, Dolce-Gabbana, and Prada etc. were born in Italy.
Dubai – Dubai and shopping go hand in hand. It is a hobby of the locals and many who reside there. Dubai boasts the world’s largest mall, which is also very famous for its annual shopping festival that offers huge discounts. The souks and other shopping centres in Dubai too are great for shopping if you know your way around them.
Asia – Kuala Lampur in Malaysia has few of the largest malls in the world and hosts many sales all year long. Hong Kong ideally is the recommended first shopping stop in Asia. Shops and boutiques in Hon Kong offer you variety, value for money and also extremely helpful staff that will help you get what you want. Individual boutiques sell high quality Hong Kong in-house brands; mostly clothes with an elegant Asian touch. Tokyo, Bangkok and Singapore are another three cities that shouldn’t be missed, when in Asia for shopping, check this elegant womens fashion.
New York – This is world’s fashion Hub. It is all about diversity in the city of New York, with limitless variety. NYC has that vibe that attracts shoppers, like nowhere else in the world. It is not only culturally diverse, but you could also buy enough to style yourself with clothes and shoes that was ‘in’ 100 years ago, if youwanted to. New York boasts some of the best departmental store in the world. SoHo to Greenwich Village to China Town; they all offer great shopping environment.
England – England here, really means London. Yes, it is very expensive, but also has a very modern and unique selection to offer when it comes to shopping. It is an attraction to brand spotters and bargainers alike. It is a crime to go to London for shopping and miss Oxford Street; the street that homes over 300 shops.